We believe there is too much at stake for Texans for us not to vote.
• Voting is the easiest way to ensure our voices are heard at all levels of government to protect our families, and communities.

Elections are about our priorities and our values.

• We believe everyone who is willing to work hard deserves a fair shot to get ahead. That’s why we support democrats that have a plan that will help working families by increasing the minimum wage, invest more in job training and technical education, ensure women earn equal pay for equal work, and expand family leave options so workers can take time to care for a sick child or elderly parent without the risk of losing their job.

• A college education shouldn’t strap down students and their parents with debt that holds them back for decades, but too many students graduate with crippling student debt. We believe in  Democrats that are working to freeze college tuition, increase access to grants for qualified students, and find new ways to help students and graduates reduce their debt.
• Donald Trump wants to divide Hispanic families throughout the U.S. and deport eleven million Hispanic people from the United States. We need to vote to defeat him and keep our communities and families together.

Voting is the best way to stand with President Obama.
We need to vote in order to help preserve President Obama’s legacy and continue to support programs like the Affordable Care Act.