Welcome to Texans for America's Future.

Early Voting Has Started in Harris County

Find your early vote location and hours here. Find your election day poll and hours here.

Who We Are

Texans for America’s Future is a diverse group of Texans from across our state, founded with one original mission: to keep Rick Perry from being elected President. And with a little help from “Governor Oops,” we succeeded. Now we are working to move Houston and Harris County forward, by electing candidates who will fight for middle class families. We believe elections are about our priorities and values. If we don't vote, Texas Republicans will continue to cut programs that help regular people, like health care for seniors and children and our schools. The best way to demonstrate our priorities is to vote.

What We Do

In advance of the historic 2016 elections, Texans for America’s Future has undertaken an aggressive program to encourage voter turnout and straight-ticket voting by Harris County African Americans, Latinos, and women.

We are sending five pieces of direct mail to African American, Latino and women voters across Houston and Harris County.

We are currently raising money to expand our efforts to other areas of the state, including media buys across the state to turn out voters. If you are interested in contributing to our efforts, please contribute here.

In 2012, we knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors, made hundreds of thousands of phone calls, and sent five pieces of direct mail to voters across Houston and Harris County, including:
  • around 100,000 African American voters who regularly vote in general elections, and
  • nearly 150,000 African American voters who have recently registered to vote or who do not regularly vote in general elections.
We also sent five pieces of direct mail to these same African American voters, as well as over 100,000 Latino voters, and more than 25,000 progressive Anglos – with a focus on Anglo women. With our aggressive door-to-door campaign, direct mail, and even television and radio ads, we worked to deliver hundreds of thousands of straight-ticket votes for President Obama, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, and every Democrat – from the courthouse to the White House – in Harris County.